Friday, April 20, 2012

Fenway Park Toasts 100 Years: Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez Lead the Salute

Nothing makes an event seem more special than a toast, right?

Raise a sparkling beverage (of the adult variety or otherwise) with someone saying some nice words that capture a poignant moment, and you often have something memorable.

That's what the Boston Red Sox had in mind for the 100th anniversary celebration at Fenway Park on Friday. A toast to Fenway! A salute to 100 years of Red Sox baseball!

And how about setting a Guinness World Record while we're all at it? As NESN reported, the largest crowd gathered for a toast was in Tokyo for a Yakult Swallows game. With a capacity of 37,000, the Red Sox and their fans could easily break that one. 

The Fenway Park crew also made sure everyone could take part in the festivities, leaving a can of sparkling grape juice at every seat. The @MLBonFox Twitter account posted a photo of the beverage used to make the toast.

Or, as PA announcer Carl Beane explained, "You can toast with the beverage of your choice." 

Two former Red Sox who appeared to partake in a beverage other than grape juice were Pedro Martinez and Kevin Millar. Standing atop the home dugout, Martinez and Millar led the Fenway Park crowd in the record-setting toast. 

Deadspin has video of the moment.

"Drink," Millar shouted to the crowd. "Let's go!" Fans apparently had to do some catching up to match Millar and Martinez's intake. But hey, if you give Millar a bottle of champagne and a microphone, magic is bound to occur.

Both former Red Sox were apparently able to get down from the top of the dugout safely. No word on what happened once the pair found out a Guinness World Record was set. 

Look, let's not exaggerate. This wasn't the cast of Cheers slobbering all over Jay Leno on live television after the final episode of that series.

Everyone was having fun on a special, festive day. Some in attendance may have just gotten into the spirit of the moment earlier than others. 


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