Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gracie Bullyproof Camp in MI - A Review

I never post here, so I'm sure this post will be met with skepticism, but with that in mind...

My 7 daughter attended the first Gracie Bullyproof Camp in Torrance CA last year when she was 6. I saw a news item from the Gracie Academy that they would be offering a free version of the camp in MI from June 11-15. Having paid $400 for the first camp (9am-noon, 5 days of the week and a sleepover on the weekend) and having concluded that it was well worth it, I jumped at the chance to attend "the same" camp for free.

As promised in the news item, the MI camp was basically identical to the one in Torrance. Under the guidance of Rener Gracie, the students were taught a ton of authentic BJJ or GJJ techniques including, trap and roll escape, body fold takedown, clinch, americana, punch block sequence from the guard and more... Rener also gave a different talk each day on topics like Respect, proper diet, drugs, etc.

The most noteworthy aspect of this camp and the one in Torrance is how engaged Rener is for the entire 3 hours. I've seen BJJ masters charge $100 for a 2 hour seminar and they show a technique and then spend the next 10 minutes talking with the head instructor at the academy. Rener shows a technique and then spends every remaining minute checking the technique of the students. When they warm up at the beginning of the day, he warms up. When they play dodge ball, he plays dodge ball. His energy and dedication to what he is doing is endless. Despite the fact that the students hadn't paid a dime for the camp, Rener's performance in MI last week was exactly as it was in Torrance last year.

Finally, it should be noted that during the entire 15 hour camp there was not a single mention of or the Bullyproof DVDs. No t-shirts were sold...although every student received a free t-shirt at the conclusion of the camp.

So much for Rener being a shameless salesman.

Below is a shot I took of the teaching staff from the camp.



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